Let your dancer stretch their butterfly-wing arms, delicately pick flowers, gallop hand in hand with friends and weave around the studio with skips.
 Grow their technique, musicality and coordination
using the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus

“cDa is an amazing dance school which promotes a wonderful balance of discipline, fun and self-confidence in each & every dancer.

Jill, parent

Syllabus Classes &
Guided Exams

  • Well researched programmes based on the needs of your dancer's development;  physically and cognitively.

  • A mixture of exercises your child will perform and practice in different arrangements; alone, with a partner or with a group. 

  • Set exercises and dances assist your child in developing and improving their rote learning and retention- something we are finding they are missing at school (generally).

  • Soft, guided examinations "Class Awards" are offered in Term 3 where the teacher goes into the exam with students, allowing a gentle, supportive introduction to formal exams.

  • Ballet exams (class awards) teach your dancer about self-correction, self-responsibility, self- improvement, consistency and working towards an event.

The classes are filled with joy, laughter and love and the teachers each help the students grow to their own individual strengths! 

Renee, student

Secure your place in your preferred class

Class Day Options

Choose between three different class days to best fit your schedule, even if you are a working parent:



4.00-4.30pm: Pre-Primary (5 y/o)

4.30-5.15pm: Primary (6 y/o)


3.45-4.15pm: Pre-Primary (5 y/o)

4.15-5.00pm: Primary (6 y/o)


10.00-10.30am: Pre-Primary (5 y/o)

10.30-11.15am: Primary (6 y/o) 

I feel blessed to be able to send my daughter to such a professional dance school with so many lovely girls.

Leigh, parent

Uniform & Great Value 

Give your dancer the confidence in belonging when they wear their specialist cDa uniform (the lovely Ballet Pink Cap Sleeve Leotard and Full Circle Skirt with Ballet Socks and Ballet Shoes). 


Experience great value per term (Early Bird Rate shown)

Pre-Primary: $145

Primary: $155