Upon entering the studio, your Dancing Fairy leaps

into another world where carefully crafted classes playfully elicit confidence, technique & creativity

 in their introduction to ballet.

Each week I am surprised, delighted and amazed at the quality of teaching, props, the commitment and thought that goes into inspiring and engaging three and four year olds.

Jo, cDa parent

6 themes and 40+ steps per year

Watch your little one twirl through class with her wand, point her toes in puddles and leap into another world!

Different themes throughout the year will keep your Dancing Fairy engaged as they are introduced to technique and further develop motor and

enhance cognitive skills. 

Capped class sizes & 

class day options

Give your dancer the opportunity to engage with their teacher and have space to move and learn.

Choose between two different class days to best fit your schedule, even if

you are a working parent:

Thursday (1.00pm four year olds, 1.30pm three year olds)

Saturday (9.00am three year olds, 9.30am four year olds) 

Chandler Dance Academy welcomes all new students with open arms and a warm heart 

Renee, student

A safe space & you can sit in

Allow your Dancing Fairy the encouragement to be creative and expressive in a safe space. 


Come sit in your child's class to observe, support and join in the joy of their ballet experience.   

Uniform & great value


Give your child the confidence in belonging when they wear their specialist dance cDa uniform (the lovely Mulberry leotard with skirt). 


Experience great value for $130 per term (Early Bird Rate) This includes: 

- Tuition of carefully crafted classes through a nurturing approach


- Certificates at the end of each theme that lists each of the steps learnt (as a tangible reward for your Dancing Fairy and as a reference for you)