Give your dancer the opportunity to gain confidence and coordination in themselves and their dancing.


Without the pressure of learning a syllabus, let your dancer master different styles of Hip Hop, express themselves to current music and dance with their friends in the supportive environment of cDa. 

Chandler Dance Academy is an amazing dance academy that welcomes each new student with open arms and a warm heart. The classes are filled with joy, laughter and love and the teachers each help the students grow to their own individual strengths! 

Renee, past student 

Classes to cover a range of ages & a supportive environment 

We offer classes to cater to a range of age groups


5-7 Y/OLDS

WEDNESDAYS: 3.45-4.30pm


8-10 Y/OLDS

WEDNESDAYS: 4.30-5.15pm



11-13 Y/OLDS

WEDNESDAYS: 5.15-6.00pm

In these encouraging groups you will be able to laugh and have fun with your friends and know that you are amongst your biggest fans, all to support you out of your shell and into a fabulous Hip Hop dancer. 

Looking back at my school years all of my best memories were made at dancing

Delilah, past student

No exam pressure & not restricted by a syllabus

We do not follow a Hip Hop syllabus which means: 

  • Your dancer will never have the same class twice! This is great for those students who thrive on variation! 

  • There are no exams! This makes this class a great "fun" class for those students who already do a lot of syllabus based classes with us & is supportive for those students who don't enjoy the exam setting. 

  • The repertoire (steps) you learn are unique! You will not get this class anywhere else. 

Students respond with enthusiasm to their classes and of course they all love the end of year show! My daughter has made amazing progress in the time she has been with the school and always looks forward to her classes!

Sasha, parent

Uniform & Great Value

Give your dancer confidence of belonging when they wear their cDa dance uniform: 

  • Any cDa branded Tee

  • Black Shorts or Pants

  • White Sneakers 

Experience great value at the Early Bird Rate:

Hip Hop: $145

This includes: 

  • Tuition of carefully prepared classes with a nurturing approach

  • Our online learning forum to supplement your classes, where exercises and practice help are privately shared to you at home &

  • Participation in our annual concert (no seperate concert fee)