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Information and Policies 

Information we collect from you includes your name (students, parents and emergency contact), address, telephone numbers, email addresses and medical/health and safety information. It may include details of the classes we provide to you as well as the status of your enrolment. We only collect information directly from our students or their parent/caregivers primarily for the purpose of providing dance classes and annual concerts to you and to administer and manage invoicing.

We will never sell or pass on any of your information to third parties unless required by government authorities or in the event of debt recovery. Any information passed on will be done so with appropriate privacy and confidentiality protection.

Information is stored securely in paper and electronic form and is accessible only by authorised personnel.

If you would like to know what information we hold about you or wish to update the information, or if you wish to be removed from all communications, please email


 - You acknowledge that participation in dance is potentially dangerous and there is an inherent risk of injury involved. 

- In allowing your child/ren to participate in Chandler Dance Academy activities, you hereby assume all the risks associated with the performing arts.

- Chandler Dance Academy teachers are all equipped to deal to a strain or sprain and administer ice or plasters. If there are any suspected broken limbs or serious injury we will call you on your emergency contact number and if necessary call an ambulance.

- Chandler Dance Academy teachers encourage "safe-practice" when dancing and we encourage you to listen carefully to instructions, advice and feedback on your dance approach and vocabulary in relation to technique and your safety. 

Chandler Dance Academy is unable to take responsibility or care for students before, after or between their scheduled classes. As a parent/ guardian you accept responsibility for your child/ren before and after classes ensuring they are dropped off and picked up on time to each class. 


- Fees are GST inclusive.

- Fees are payable by Credit Card/ Debit Card (through parent portal) or via Internet Banking.

- All students who use Movitae as a class tool/ educational supplement have the service charge included in term fees.

- No refunds are given for missed classes, the decision not to continue for the remainder of a term, or the term once term fees have been charged and paid.

- One Introductory class/ free trial is offered to each student for each dance style available to them, it is then their decision whether to enrol for the term (or remainder of).

- If you cannot attend your scheduled class for the week and there are more than one lesson per week for that level of class then you may attend ONE "make up" lesson upon confirmation from the office, once per term. Any alternative "make up" lessons will be charged for at the On Time rate. 

- If you become injured or ill and are no longer able to participate in classes for the remainder of a term there are no refunds given. Upon receipt of a doctors certificate we may be able to offer a partial credit to your next term (at the discretion of cDa), but we encourage observation of classes over absence if able.

- Early Bird Payments are to be received in total within one week of statements being charged. On Time rates are to be received no later than the first day of term. Late Payment is when payment is received after the first day of term. If these fees have not been received by the office further action may be taken. 

- Dropping out of a class may be done so at the end of Terms 1, 2 or 4, this can be done by going onto your parent portal and withdrawing from the next term. 

- Fees are charged at a per-term basis (whether 8, 9, 10 or 11 weeks long, apart from term 4). Your invoice for class fees will be the same for each term unless you change classes.

- There is a family discount (for two or more dancing siblings). This starts at 10%, more details can be found in the handbook or through your parent portal.

- We encourage you to pay via Credit Card and there is no convenience fee. If you are unable to pay the entire amount before term commences , the best way to avoid punitive charges is to sign up for Auto-Pay. 

- Auto-Pay enables you to spread the cost of a term's lessons by splitting the cost over three payments over three months: 40% before the commencement of that term, 30% first Monday of the following month and 30% the first Monday of the following month. Auto-Pay clients are reminded that charges are about to be made before each withdrawal to keep you informed and to help you ensure the funds are in the correct account. 


- If terms fees are not paid before the end of term your dancer will not be able to participate in the next term until all payments have been received. 

- Our Early Bird rate is for the benefit of our current students, or current students who have enrolled and paid within a week of being charged. Students who enrol part way through the term will be invoiced at the On Time amount but will be eligible for the Early Bird payment for the following term. Students who have enrolled part way through the term will be invoiced at the pro-rata amount. 

- Alongside the Term Three invoice there will be the concert costume fees charged per dance per student

Alongside the Term 4 invoice there will be the concert media charge to include the video file and photos. 

- There will not be a seperate performance/concert fee, this is built into the term 4 fees and is why there is a shorter term 4 (which works well as families get too busy by the end of Term 4).

- All regular classes observe statutory holidays (unless in the lead up to show preparation). If you class falls on a Statutory holiday there will be no amendment to invoicing unless this works out to be more than two class days per term. 

- Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate make-up sessions for students who miss classes as our timetable is currently full (this includes private lessons), but will make every endeavour to schedule a catch-up class in the unlikely event that Chandler Dance Academy needs to cancel, postpone or reschedule a lesson. 

- There is a $25 registration to be paid upon student enrolment to secure a place in class. This is a non-refundable amount.

-There is to be no videoing of regular scheduled classes, watch week classes, additional exam classes, show rehearsals or private lessons by parents, caregivers or family members. If a staff member sees you videoing a class you will be reminded about our policy and upon further recording you will be charged for the privilege you felt you had and to deter you from breaking students' and teacher's privacy again. Teachers may video aspects of the class for Movitae and practicing purposes or for discussion and training of other teachers or other reasons explained and agreed upon on your enrolment at cDa. 


- If you drop out of a class/es after you have been invoiced and before term commences there is a 20% charge for class place reservation and administration costs.  If you drop out AFTER term has started you will be charged for the number of weeks of term that classes have been offered at the time of written notification to the office. 


- We are allowed to proudly use images and video footage of your child for advertising and promotional purposes of Chandler Dance Academy

This will include videos uploaded onto Movitae and may include (but not exclusive to) displaying publicly, distributing or publishing, photographs, and/ or video of my child for use in materials that include but may not be limited to; printed material, online and offline advertising and promotion, videos and digital images such for use on Social Media. 


- No identifying information including surnames and exact location will be used in any video or digital images on Chandler Dance Academy social media accounts.


- Images and videos may be used by Chandler Dance Academy and they may be re-used without further notification.

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