Give your dancer the opportunity to learn the essence of Contemporary Dance whilst dancing with their friends.

Using the inclusive, lively and current Lucidity Syllabus, see your dancer explore their movement abilities and develop into a versatile dancer. 

At cDa attention and feedback is given to every single dancer no matter their ability or age.

Delilah, past student

Syllabus Classes & a Timetable That Works 

  • Syllabus based classes ensure your dancer receives structured lessons, every lesson- from 9 years.

  • Exams at the end of Term 2 enable your dancer to learn about practice, working towards an event and self-improvement.

  • Additional lessons in the lead up to exams ensure your dancer is confidently prepared and supported in their exam experience.

  • Our contemporary classes are either directly before or after a class of another genre so our students can further enhance their dancing without having an additional day of dancing.  













The classes are filled with joy, laughter and love and the teachers each help the students grow to their own individual strengths! 

Renee, past student

Stay Informed & Trust in True Contemporary Technique

  • We use Movitae as our online learning tool to share homework and practice home with parents

  • We have Parent Watch Weeks and In House Demonstrations so you can see the progress of your dancer and also see the progress and standard of the rest of cDa. 

  • We value teaching true Contemporary technique (the "hows" as opposed to just the "moves"  

  • We encourage our students to challenge themselves and go out of their comfort zones to obtain their best movement qualities. 

cDa is an amazing dance school which promotes a wonderful balance of discipline, fun and self-confidence in each & every dancer.

Jill, parent

Uniform & Great Value

Give your dancer the confidence of belonging when they wear their cDa Contemporary Uniform: Black leotard or singlet top with black tights or black bootie shorts. 


Experience great value at the Early Bird Rate:

Level 3: $120

Level 5 & 7: $125

Level 9: $130


This includes: 

  • Tuition of carefully prepared classes with a nurturing approach,

  • Movitae: our online learning supplement to your classes, where your exercises and practice help are privately shared to you at home &

  • Participation in our annual concert (no seperate concert fee)


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