It's all for you!

Chandler Dance Academy was established to give students and parents the experience they deserve

We believe each child is special and is entitled to feel confident inside the safe walls of the studio, where their peers are their friends

We inspire students to aim for more and support them towards their goals in elegantly structured classes.

cDa encourages and extends dancers in a friendly environment. I have come out of cDa with more confidence in my dancing, a good technique foundation and a close groups of friends. 

Delilah, student

Ever-passionate about dance, Dannielle left the Kapiti Coast (the land of good cheese and ice cream) to study dance at AUT University. 

During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Dannielle taught at a couple of dance schools around the city. Through her teaching experiences she felt students and parents deserved a little more than they were receiving hence establishing Chandler Dance Academy. 

We understand the busy lives of families

  • Our concert is at the end of October, before school exams and the silly season!

  • We have a "special" grade ballet exam session so you know the exact dates you are working towards (planning around) 

  • Our ballet classes are not scheduled on the game days of major local sports games (for school-aged, grade students)

  • We take the age of our dancers into consideration when timetabling class times and length.

We respect the importance of great communication

  • We have our own administrator who is amazingly dedicated to getting back to families in a prompt and responsive manner

  • We take the time and effort to explain what is required for exam and show preparation

  • We carefully script emails in the lead up to concert time so you receive all the information as you need it to ensure you aren't bombarded with too much at once

  • We use Band to share students homework, to choreography to remember or to communicate something directly from the studio to home. This is so parents can see what happens in class and for students to have a reference point to help home practice. Through lockdowns it has been a great tool for staying connected to peers and teachers

  • We have Watch Weeks at the end of terms and In House Demonstrations so you can see how your dancer/s are progressing and so you can be informed about what is happening across the academy. These haven't happened in a while because of Covid and we cannot wait to reinstate them! 

Both my daughter and I love this dance school - and would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to really concentrate on their dancing. The teachers are all extremely motivated and engage wonderfully with the children. In turn the children respond with enthusiasm to their classes, and of course they all love the end of year show! The shows themselves have been beautiful, incredibly professional and fun for everyone. 

Sasha, parent

You don't always remember what was said, but you always remember how you felt

  • Each and every one of our dancers is special and we endeavour to ensure each one feels they are our favourite!

  • Our students gain confidence in themselves and in their dancing

  • Each lesson we want students to leave feeling inspired and motivated about what they can achieve next

  • Every student should receive and elegant experience and in turn reflect elegance their dancing and how they conduct themselves.

  • Students feel the studio is their place, a safe place, where all other worries are gone and friendships are strong. 

  • We understand it can't always be roses and butterflies, but we try our best to make it that way!